The 7th Louth Cub Scouts Annual Camp at Portlick in 2024 was a resounding success, filled with adventure, camaraderie, and remarkable achievements. Among the highlights of this exciting event was the stellar performance of Cub Scout Ellen and her fellow scouts, who proudly secured 3rd prize in the 7th Louth Coastal division for their outstanding entertainment at the highly anticipated Monster Jam Portlick 2024.

As the sun rose on the first day of camp, the scouts arrived at Portlick, their hearts brimming with excitement and anticipation. The air buzzed with the promise of new experiences and friendships as tents were pitched and the campsite took shape. Under the guidance of their dedicated leaders, the scouts quickly settled into their new environment, ready for the adventures that lay ahead.

The days that followed were a whirlwind of activities, each designed to challenge and inspire the young scouts. They hiked through scenic trails, discovering the beauty of nature and learning about the local wildlife. Team-building games and skill-building workshops kept them engaged and fostered a strong sense of community.

One of the most eagerly awaited events was the Monster Jam Portlick 2024, a showcase of talent and creativity. Ellen, along with her fellow Cub Scouts, had been preparing diligently for this event. Their performance was a delightful mix of humor, storytelling, and music, reflecting their creativity and teamwork. As they took to the stage, the audience was captivated by their energy and enthusiasm.

Their hard work paid off spectacularly when the judges announced the winners. The 7th Louth Cub Scouts erupted in cheers as they were awarded 3rd prize for their entertainment. It was a moment of immense pride for Ellen and her team, who had worked tirelessly to bring their performance to life. The accolade was a testament to their dedication and the supportive spirit of the entire scout group.

Beyond the Monster Jam, the camp was a time of growth and learning. The scouts honed their skills in fire safety, cooking over campfires, and first aid. They participated in a community service project, cleaning up the local area and learning the importance of giving back to their community. Evenings were spent around the campfire, sharing stories, singing songs, and reflecting on the day’s adventures.

As the camp drew to a close, the scouts packed up their gear, their hearts full of cherished memories. The closing ceremony was a bittersweet farewell to the beautiful campsite and the experiences they had shared. Each scout left with a sense of accomplishment, having grown in confidence, skills, and friendships.

Congratulations to Ellen and the 7th Louth Cub Scouts on their fantastic achievement at the Monster Jam Portlick 2024! Their 3rd prize win is a testament to their creativity, teamwork, and determination. Well done to all the scouts for making this annual camp a truly memorable and successful event. We look forward to seeing what incredible feats they will achieve in the future!