Halloween is fast approaching, with the dark nights drawing in, it’s the perfect time to start planning Halloween week with some fun activities!

Take a look at some of our favourite Halloween tasks that are easy to plan and take part in!

Go on a Halloween hike

A spooky activity as old as time itself, spooky stories are the best way to get ready for Halloween. Fill water bottles with glow sticks and water to create easy, safe lanterns, get your walking shoes on and head outside.

Make sure to tell the scariest stories you know. For an even spookier effect, sit in a circle with only the light from your lanterns or torches, and take it in turns to create a scary story.

Make some pumpkin art

Sharp objects and lots of Scouts often aren’t the best mix, especially when carving is involved! Keep crafting tidy this year and bring out the paints instead.

Just as fun as creating spooky faces, see who can come up with the most creative pumpkin art. You could still pre-carve the pumpkins ready for the younger ones, and take your creations to the next level with art supplies!

Allow your Scouts and Guides to unleash their creative side with some Halloween art

Have a mummifying race

You’ll need lots of toilet roll for this one!

Organise your Scouts into equal teams for them to roll each other into Mummies and take part in a relay race. You can make the race more fun by adding spooky-themed obstacles, but be careful if the toilet paper rips!

Hold a Halloween feast

Everybody loves the absolute Halloween classics of doughnuts on a string and apple bobbing, where players have their hands tied between their backs and possibly even blindfolded (to make it extra difficult).

To finish off the snacking, you can hold a Halloween themed feast for your members and parents to tuck into afterwards. Create some spooky snacks such as spiders nest crispy cakes, eyeball cake pops, and gummy worms and jelly. There are so many creative recipes on websites such as BBC Good Food.