What a great day it was for our first Beaver County day in a few years. There was great atmosphere throughout the day with team building, games, tent pitching among other activities planned throughout the day too. We had groups from Dundalk stay onsite as they are planning on using Piperstown for their annual camp in the future, all of the remaining beavers arrived onsite for the fun day at 10:30am with the first set of activities starting at 11:15am running at 30 minutes each on rotations until lunch time. The final set of bases commenced after lunch and everyone was home by 16:00 yesterday. It is fair to say that they had a great day all round.

The bases that were run on the day were:

7th Louth Coastal: Arts & Crafts and trail signs

Buíon Setanta: Games and team building

1st Louth: Badge making (or campfire safety) and Pioneering.

All in all the wether stayed dry and all had a fantastic day.