Its that time of year again we are asking every Beaver,Cub,Scout Venture and our Rovers sections to help as much as possible. Ever year we collected for the homeless in Drogheda. Such a wonderful group who we have supported ever year and we are asking this year earlier so we can make an impact and allow us to give more.

Below is a list of items always required 💜
Noodles, pasta, rice, cereal pots, small cereals, porridge, biscuits, chocolate, cereal bars, cooking sauces, soups Tinned, cuppa and package, Tinned foods peas beans spagetti etc, pots of fruit, custard,and jelly, creamed rice, crisps, water, juice, fizzy can, please check dates on all food, deodorant, shower gel, soap, wipes, razors,gloves hats scarfs .
There will be a box left in the den for donations from the 1st week in November, We will leave it there until nearer Christmas so the more u can donate will help. You have always been so thoughtful with .

Thanks Cubs Section

For more information please contact Carainn (Cub Section Leader) on 087 276 7511