Hello and Welcome to our brand new website. Over the last few weeks I have been hard at work designing and developing a website that is built and designed with the user in mind which is why; as you view this site on different devices it will fit to the size of the screen, this is because every page on this site has been optimized for mobile devices nowadays mobile accounts for in and around half of website traffic worldwide, excluding tablets mobile devices generated 50.81% of global website traffic and has consistently hovered around the 50% mark since the beginning of 2017. In short our site has been optimized to give the user the best experience possible without having to wait ages for website pages to load and so should be hassle free.

For this project I used Elementor Pro and it gives you access to endless amounts of both free and premium templates that can be used to construct your website, their handy drag and drop element comes in to good practice when it needs to. Not only is Elementor the no. 1 website builder for WordPress it also has WordPress elements built into its interface which makes it easier to manage your website.

Having never used Elementor before this was a learning curve for me which I quickly grasped and got straight to working on the overall design of the website.

Overall I really enjoyed working on the website and if you don’t already know we’re hosting a family fun 5K virtual event between the 23-25th of April 2021. To learn more about it and get signed up visit the post below.

I really do hope you enjoy the website as I certainty enjoyed designing and developing it.

Thanks for Reading.